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Welcome to Flour, Sugar, and Eggs! I love trying recipes from days past, both from family sources and old cookbooks. I give my thoughts on them in the blog, and if that inspires you to give them a try they are all listed in my recipe page. Whether you are looking to find something new, or maybe something that your grandma used to make, you have come to the right place.

Thank you to my Grandma for letting me use some of her mother’s recipes, and thank you to my Nanna for recipes from her vintage cookbook collection.

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Post 10: Cake Roll

This is my tenth post! I can’t believe that I have done ten already. When planning for this post, I felt that I wanted to celebrate this milestone with something special. Roll cakes are always something I have always been a bit wary of. They are notoriously tricky, and though this cake lived up toContinue reading “Post 10: Cake Roll”

Baking is inherently dangerous, therefore Flour, Sugar, and Eggs is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from attempts of the recipes on the website.