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Welcome! Below you can find my trial and error when trying vintage recipes, as well as my thoughts about the outcome.

Post 10: Cake Roll

My thoughts on my Great-Grandma Mae’s exquisite cake roll, as well as my missteps on the way to the finished product.

Post 9: Christmas Cookies

Two cookie recipes to bring a vintage twist to your Christmas baking. In this post I share my thoughts about these cookies and the process to make them.

Post 8: Apple Dumplings

A delicious fall dessert that is best enjoyed with a big dollop of whipped cream! In this post I discuss figuring out what a “hot” oven is, and other notes.

Post 7: Cinnamon-Swirl Coffee Cake

A vintage recipe for the perfect cake to enjoy with your first apple cider of the season. In this post I give my thoughts, tips, and tricks on this amazing fall breakfast or dessert.

Post 6: Cream Puffs

A light and fluffy vintage pastry recipe from my Great-Grandmother. In this post I give my thoughts on my attempt to make this amazing summer dessert.

Post 5: Croissants

A flavorful vintage pastry recipe from the 1961 edition of the New York Times Cookbook. In this post I give my thoughts on my attempt to make this notoriously tricky French pastry.

Post 4: Lemon Meringue Pie

A lovely vintage recipe for a classic summer dessert. This recipe is from my Great-Grandmother. In the post, I describe my process in making this pie, as well as alterations to the recipe to make it a bit easier.

Post 3: Lemon Lime Ice Cream

A delectable vintage recipe for lemon-lime ice cream adapted from The Old-Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream Cookbook. In this post, I give my thoughts on the original recipe, the process, and describe how I adapted.

Post 2: Brownies

A delicious vintage recipe for brownies from my Great-Grandmother. In this post, I discuss the original recipe I received, and how I figured out how to make them with minimal instructions.

Post 1: Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce

A delicious recipe for gingerbread with lemon sauce from the 1961 New York Times cookbook and my Great-Grandmother. In this post, I discuss my experience baking it, as well as what I thought of it. Spoiler alert: It was amazing.

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