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Post 10: Cake Roll

This is my tenth post! I can’t believe that I have done ten already. When planning for this post, I felt that I wanted to celebrate this milestone with something special. Roll cakes are always something I have always been a bit wary of. They are notoriously tricky, and though this cake lived up toContinue reading “Post 10: Cake Roll”

Post 8: Apple Dumplings

In keeping with the fall theme, I decided to start November off with a fall classic. Apple dumplings are the perfect dessert to enjoy on a crisp fall evening with lots of whipped cream and hot apple cider. This recipe is a little different from many apple dumpling. It is almost a cross between anContinue reading “Post 8: Apple Dumplings”

Post 7: Cinnamon-Swirl Coffee Cake

It is finally fall! Like many people, fall is my favorite season. I love being able to wear sweaters and drink tea without being too warm. I also just like fall baked goods. Maybe it is because of texture, but I generally prefer rich fall and winter baked goods over light, fluffy summer ones. So,Continue reading “Post 7: Cinnamon-Swirl Coffee Cake”

Post 6: Cream Puffs

In keeping with the French Pastry trend from my last post, I decided to make cream puffs. This is another one of my Great-grandmother’s amazing recipes. Cream puffs have always seemed like something that would be very complicated, but they turned out to be surprisingly simple. The recipe was also unusually easy to follow, andContinue reading “Post 6: Cream Puffs”

Post 5: Croissants

I have made mostly sweet desserts for this blog, so this week I decided to make something a little more on the savory side. This croissant recipe is described by the 1961 New York Times Cookbook as being “the traditional French breakfast bread.” Though I wasn’t sure how authentic this recipe actually is, recipes from the vintage New York Times Cookbook usually turn out quite well, so I gave it a try.